It’s been home to many writers, politicians, artists, and students who enjoy its central location and peaceful atmosphere.

Welcome to Gramercy

A quiet haven for high society.
In 1800s, Gramercy Park was designed to house fashionable families. The Roosevelts lived there for decades and enjoyed the area’s exclusive Gramercy Park. Over the years it’s been home to many writers, politicians, artists, and students who enjoy its central location and peaceful atmosphere.
Gramercy can be embracing in its cozy village charm. While you might not have a key to the members-only Gramercy Park, the rest of the neighborhood is a warm and inviting place to call home.

What to Expect

A small-town feel in a centrally located neighborhood.
Gramercy can feel like a secluded, private neighborhood even though it’s located in central Manhattan.
The neighborhood is reminiscent of a sprawling, well-groomed park with its clean streets and carefully cultivated greenery.
Large and spacious brownstones are known as being some of the prettiest in the city. Hanging plants and bushes adorn most stoops.

The Lifestyle

Low-key days spent outdoors, great cuisine, and a manageable bar scene.
Day-to-day life in Gramercy is laid-back. With few tourist attractions, the neighborhood is filled with residents looking for a place to relax with privacy.
The best example of this is Gramercy Park, an idyllic and well-manicured slice of luxury.
Only neighbors who live on the park’s perimeter have a key to unlock its gates, but nearby benches and beautiful trees make the surrounding area a quiet place to jog or read even if you can’t get inside.
Gramercy has become a popular place for dining, with notable restaurateurs like Danny Meyer and Todd English setting up shop in the neighborhood.
Though Gramercy’s nightlife is on the tamer side, there are still plenty of fun options in the bar and lounges on Second and Third Avenue.
Popular happy hour specials make the after-work scene well-suited for weekday socializing.

The Market

Walk-ups and doorman buildings galore, and more affordable options out in Stuy Town.
In Gramercy, you’ll find a number of doorman buildings that offer a considerable amount of space, but at a high cost.
Walk-up apartments are often more affordable than the bigger doorman buildings in the neighborhood. Beautiful facades come together to make a picturesque architectural landscape.
Many people find more affordable homes in Stuyvesant Town, a large-scale housing development from First Avenue to the River from 14th Street to 23rd Street.

You'll Fall in Love With

The lush greenery on almost every block.
Trees, flowers, and small gardens line almost every street in Gramercy.
Parks are always only a few blocks away and with benches on side streets, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to stop and admire your surroundings. And in this ornate and plush neighborhood, every little detail is worth a second look.
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