East Village

A lively neighborhood with an adventurous spirit that defines downtown living.

Welcome to East Village

A beloved pocket of lower Manhattan.
The East Village has been the center of the bohemian lifestyle since the early 1900s when it was a favorite of writers like Allen Ginsberg and artists like Diane Arbus. Its nooks and crannies held bookstores and cafes that inspired and delighted the city’s great thinkers.
The East Village never fails to keep the excitement going long after other neighborhoods hit the pillow. Follow the foodies, dive bar enthusiasts, and vintage-hunters to the east end of Manhattan, where head-turning street style is the norm.

What to Expect

A lively neighborhood with an adventurous spirit that defines downtown living.
Quality food abounds in the East Village. Inconspicuous storefronts often conceal some of the best food finds in the city.
Side streets are dotted with jewelry shops and vintage stores, many of which are locally owned.
Coffee shops and old record stores beckon you to come in and stay awhile.

The Lifestyle

Quiet during the day and packed at night due to the popular culinary and bar scene.
During the day, the streets are quiet as residents relax outside at places like Tompkins Sq. Park.
St. Mark’s Place is another popular destination, well-known for its delicious Asian snacks, quirky shops, and karaoke bars.
Many East Villagers find solace and an escape from the downtown bustle on the running paths and grassy knolls of the East River.
After dark, the pace of the neighborhood switches. Dive bars, pubs, and the occasional rave draw New Yorkers from all five boroughs.
The nightlife scene is a popular and accessible one you won’t find many bouncers or exclusive lists in this neighborhood.

The Rental Market

Good value in pre-war walkups (especially farther east), but very few doorman or highrise buildings.
Pre-war walk-ups are the norm; very few high-rises or doorman buildings exist in the East Village.

You'll Fall in Love With

The creative, gritty, and independent energy of one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Manhattan.
Living in the East Village harkens back to a time when Andy Warhol trained his next superstars and Keith Haring learned to paint his iconic pop art.
It’s no surprise that everywhere in this neighborhood feels authentically New York.
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